Our Beer

What makes Twin Lakes Fresh, Local & Delicious

Twin Lakes Brewing Co. is dedicated to “Preserving the Art of Brewing!” Our all-natural ingredients include Deep Rock well water, the finest grains, 100% whole flower hops and cultures yeast. Twin Lakes beers are produced according to historic methods and truly, FRESH, LOCAL, DELICIOUS!™

Greenville Pale Ale

Inspired by the Colonial Era Ales that landed on the shores of the Mid-Atlantic, discover a light bodied brew with hints of floral-citrus hops aroma, a delicate balance and a clean finish.
5.5% ABV/ 45 IBU

Caeser Rodney Golden Ale

Delaware’s famous patriot lends his name to our Caesar Rodney Golden Ale. Our five malt brew produces a toasty biscuit-like flavor. Noble hop character yields a medium bitterness in this balanced, light bodied ale with a rich, foamy head.
5.5% ABV / 35 IBU

Blue Water Pilsner

Inspired by the lagering traditions of German immigrants of the mid-19th century, Blue water Pilsner presents a straw pale color, with a clean crispness and light body. Biscuit & honey malt flavors delicately balance with the floral hop aroma reminiscent of herbs & spices typical of Saaz hops.
6% ABV / 25 IBU

Tweeds Tavern Stout

Emblematic of the 18th century working mans brew, Tweeds Tavern Stout bears the name of one of the older brewing facilities in the Mid-Atlantic. This opaque, dark ale has a balanced body with mellow, milky and surprisingly mild flavor. Roasted malts import hints of coffee, chocolate & caramel topped with a thick, foamy, mocha colored head.
6.2% ABV / 35 IBU

Winterthur Wheat

Winterthur Wheat is our version of an American West Coast Wheat beer.This thirst quenching ale is smartly hopped and has a uniquely crisp and sparkling taste. We blend two-row barley malt and wheat malt with whole flower Cascade hops to create this refreshing wheat beer with a distinctive flavor.
6% ABV / 30 IBU